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Westover: Where Care Meets Compassion and Relationships Are Built

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Those who call Westover home - whether they live or work here - have built a unique and powerful culture of closeness that is woven into the high level of care and compassion residents receive.


The culture of Westover is one reason why we are a preferred learning site for local nursing schools such as Hondros. Our team is well known for welcoming students and taking the extra time to instill the importance of personal connections, in addition to teaching clinical skills. 

At a time when there is a shortage of healthcare workers, the community of Westover – residents, and staff – are working to instill the value of care and quality into the next generation of nurses and caregivers.
Those who work here know that there is so much to learn from their family of residents. With every story told, a moment shared, and fun times had, employees, grow from the lifetime of experience

each community member shares with them. With a simple stroll out to the

butterfly garden listening to a story from years past or a reassuring pat on the hand

during a hard day, residents care for the Westover staff in their own ways too. 

Not only does the nursing staff at Westover care for residents, they also care

for their families. Our team takes the extra time to provide comfort, education,

and compassion to the families of residents. The staff becomes a support

system to families who may be navigating through a difficult or new time with

their loved ones. Westover nurses combine compassion and education to help

these families with tough conversations and transitions for their family members. 

The commitment to caring for people is baked into the team at Westover and

comes to life through the relationships that are built here and the educational

opportunities shared. With nursing employees who boast both technical and

interpersonal skills, the choice to have Westover Retirement Community care

for your loved one can be a decision made with confidence and peace of mind.

With Westover, their care and compassion will win you over. 

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Call to schedule a tour of Westover's campus today at 513-844-8004. 

Walk through the halls of Westover Retirement Community and you witness just that, community. The heart and soul of Westover lie within the rich relationships and connections that residents and staff share. Here, employees walk through the doors and enter their second home to care for their extended family of residents. The nursing staff at Westover artfully blend their clinical skills with the small, intuitive extra touches that come naturally to their hearts of gold. Going above and beyond with personal touches like watering residents’ plants, knowing who loves a mug of hot cocoa, or helping a grandparent get ready for a special visit--  nurses at Westover go the extra mile.

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